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IALA MEMBERS will benefit from the following:

  • Members will be included in the website attorney search accessible for search by public;
  • Special access to select networking and/or educational events;
  • Discounted access to MCLE events;
  • Discounted and/or free access to affiliated organization events;
  • Apply to become panelists in MCLE and/or Public Service Panel Series events (subject to approval);
  • Special sponsorship opportunities;
  • Various group discounts as negotiated by IALA;
  • Member only access to employment and internship opportunities. (Coming Soon!)
  • Participate in Publication Submissions (Coming Soon!)


  • IH (IranianHotline) offers the following discounts to IALA Members:
    • Free IH (IranianHotline) Attorney Directory Premium membership for first and second year attorneys
    • Third year attorneys and beyond, 25% reciprocal discount for new Attorney Directory Premium membership or renewals
    • Three months free banner and newsletter advertising
  • Ketab Corp. offers the following discounts to IALA Members:
    • Any new member of IALA gets a display ad one size bigger than what he/she orders. The full-page display ad will also receive a 2nd color ad for free.
  • Card One International offers the following discounts to IALA Members:
    • As IALA’s credit card processor, CardOne offers IALA members a Free credit card machine, cell phone swipers, and/or online gateway and the lowest rates when accepting payments.

NON-MEMBER FRIENDS of IALA can sign up on this website to remain in contact with IALA and register for various IALA events.

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